About us


XO foods s.r.o. is a supplier of selected "fine dining“ ingredients for hotels, restaurants and catering companies operating in Central Europe – Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

The XO team brings more than 15 years experience in the world of gastronomy. It is build by trustworthy people who know how to make your wishes and demands come true. We know that if we are not taking special care about our customers, somebody else will do it. Our key to your satisfaction is trust, good service, high quality, flexibility and fair price.

In XO foods we focus on popular products for international and Czech cuisines and we believe that the assortment which we offer can fulfil your high expectaions. Amongst it you will find the best meat from South America, the US, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. We shall also mention fine delicacies from France, Italy, Switzerland and Russia. Besides all this we offer frozen seafood from the oceans of the whole world.

In XO foods we are realists and do not want to promise you impossible things. But - from our experience - we already know what possible is. The XO team will always do their best to be a good partner for you!

The mission is to be the preferred supplier of "fine dining“ ingredients for hotels, restaurants and catering companies in Central Europe.

The vision is to support the chefs in developing and realizing their creative ideas, to ensure the pleasure and benefit of the guests dining in hotels and restaurants.